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What are Dog Poop Bags Made Of? A Dive into the Dirty Details

by | 5 August 2023

When your furry friend leaves behind a little “gift” on your morning walk, you instinctively reach for a poop bag. But, have you ever “pawsed” to consider what those dog poop bags are made of? Buckle up, for a deep dive into the riveting world of doggie dung disposables.

We all adore our fur babies, but let’s face it – their little deposits aren’t the highlight of our day. However, cleaning up after them is a duty (or doodie?) we simply can’t dodge. With countless dog poop bags at our disposal, it’s time to make an informed choice.

Every decision we make has a ripple effect on our environment, and choosing a dog poop bag is no exception. But, not all bags are created equal, and understanding the differences can help us make a sustainable choice.

As we unravel the various types of dog poop bags available, remember this isn’t just about picking up poop. It’s about loving our planet as much as we love our pets.

What Are Dog Poop Bags Made Of?

Plastic Dog Poop Bags: The Age-old Classic

Once the “top dog” in the world of poop pouches, plastic bags have been our go-to for years. Their strength and leak-proof nature are undeniably convenient. Economies of scale have also made them an affordable option. But, here’s a “ruff” truth: these bags can take centuries to degrade. Every piece of plastic we’ve ever made is still lurking around somewhere. If you’re pondering a switch, maybe it’s time to “bark” up a different tree.

Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags: Are They Really Pawsome?

Cue the fanfare for biodegradable bags, the latest stars in the green universe. They’ve become the talk of the dog park due to their environmentally-friendly badge. But, there’s a “paws” for concern. Unless these bags bark out loud that they’re compostable, they’re actually just plastic in disguise, decomposing into microplastics. Remember, just because something is biodegradable doesn’t mean it’s eco-friendly.

Remember: “biodegradable” only tells you how something breaks down, not what it’s made of. Think of it like a dog breed – just because it’s a dog doesn’t mean it’s the same as every other. So, always sniff out the details.

Oxo-degradable Dog Poop Bags: A Different Breed?

Oxo-degradable bags. They might sound science-y and cool, but at their core, they’re still plastic. These bags undergo a different degradation process, breaking down with exposure to oxygen. But don’t be “fur”ooled. While they may degrade faster than traditional plastic, they still contribute to the microplastic menace. And just like biodegradable dog poop bags, these microplastics are what is ending up inside all our wildlife and us every day. Choose wisely, or you might end up “barking” up the wrong tree!

Compostable Dog Poop Bags: The True Green Heroes?

Now, for the ultimate eco-champions: compostable dog poop bags. Crafted from materials like cornstarch, these bags can be composted. Plus, they adhere to stringent standards, such as Australia’s AS 4736 (industrial) and AS 5810 (home) composting certifications. To obtain the AS 4736 and AS 5810 certifications, dog poop bags must be 90% broken down into organic material within 90 days and totally degraded in 180 days. If you’re looking to make a difference to our planet with your pooch, making the switch to compostable might just be your next “purrfect” move.

You will know a dog poop bag is compostable when you see these two composting symbols:

Australian Composting Logo's
Australian Composting Logo’s


Choosing a dog poop bag isn’t just about convenience; it’s about making informed, eco-friendly choices. While plastic bags might be the tried-and-true method, there are greener pastures (and bags!) to explore.

Your decision has the power to shape our environment. The bags you choose can either add to our planet’s burden or help alleviate it. So, the next time you’re out shopping, “paws” and think about what’s best for Mother Earth.

We’d love to hear from you! Have you made the switch to an eco-friendlier option? Or do you have some “poo-tastic” advice to share? Drop a comment or let’s get the conversation “howling” on social media. Remember, every small step (or paw print) counts!

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Featured Image by huoadg5888 from Pixabay

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