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12 Easter Activities To Do With Your Dog

by | 11 March 2024

As the Easter bunny prepares to make its annual hop around, it’s not just the kiddos who can look forward to some egg-citing fun. Your furry family members deserve to get in on the action, too! Whether you’re lounging at home or adventuring outdoors, we’ve unleashed a basketful of ideas to ensure this Easter is un-fur-gettable for you and your pup. From beach frolics to backyard hunts, let’s dig into some tail-wagging Easter activities to do with your dog that are as fun as they are eco-friendly. Because here at Oh Crap, we believe every pawprint on our hearts should be matched with a lighter one on the planet!

While Easter might traditionally be about chocolate eggs and bunny hops, for dog owners, it presents a pawsome opportunity to bond and create lasting memories with their four-legged friends. In Australia, with our love for the outdoors and café culture, incorporating your dog into your Easter plans isn’t just possible; it’s practically a must-do! After all, dogs are part of the family, and what better way to celebrate than by including them in your festive fun?

Below, we’ve rounded up a list of Easter activities perfect for Aussie dog owners. These ideas will ensure you and your pooch enjoy a memorable and joyful holiday, from the beach to the bush and beyond.

Outdoor Easter Adventures With Your Dog 

Hiking and Bushwalking: Exploring the Great Outdoors

Dog at the top of a mountain looking out over valley with lot's of green trees and grass around on a sunny day
Image by Adri Marie from Pixabay

Australia’s vast landscapes are a hiker’s paradise, especially when you can share the experience with your dog. While national parks might be a no-go due to regulations, state forests and regional parks often welcome dogs on a leash. These areas provide the perfect setting for your Easter adventures, offering both of you a chance to immerse in nature’s beauty.

Café Culture: Paws and Relax

Australia’s love for cafés extends to our furry friends, too. Many spots across the country welcome dogs, allowing you to enjoy a coffee or brunch with your pet by your side. It’s a lovely way to soak in the local café culture and spend quality time with your dog in a relaxed setting.

Dog Parks and Camping Trips: Adventure Awaits

For a bit of off-leash fun, head to a local dog park where your pet can enjoy running around and meeting new friends. If you’re feeling more adventurous, consider a dog-friendly camping trip. Many campsites welcome pets, making it easy to explore the great outdoors together. Just pack your essentials, including eco-friendly poop bags, to ensure you leave no trace.

Canine Events and Water Adventures: Fun on Land and Water

Keep an eye out for dog-centric events happening around Easter, offering a unique way to celebrate with your pet. For those who love the water, consider a boating or kayaking trip with your dog. Safety is crucial, so ensure your pet wears a life jacket and is comfortable around water before setting off on your aquatic adventure.

Winery Tours: Vineyard Ventures with Your Pup

Exploring Australia’s wine regions like the Hunter Valley, Barossa Valley, and Margaret River with your dog is a delightful way to spend Easter. Many wineries welcome dogs, allowing them to enjoy the open spaces while you taste the local vintages. It’s a relaxing day out where you can enjoy the scenic views and fresh air. Just be sure to check the pet policies of wineries in advance to ensure a smooth visit.

Dog-Friendly Accommodation: Holidaying with Your Hound

Finding a dog-friendly place to stay is easier than ever across Australia. From charming bed and breakfasts to luxurious resorts, there are plenty of options where your dog will be as welcome as you are. These accommodations often provide special amenities for pets, ensuring a comfortable stay for your furry friend. It’s a great way to make sure everyone enjoys the holiday together.

Beach and Bush Horse Riding: Trailblazing with Your Dog

For a unique outdoor adventure, consider horse riding in places that allow dogs to come along. It’s an exciting way to experience Australia’s beautiful landscapes, whether you’re riding through bush trails or along the beach. Always check with the facility ahead of time to ensure they can accommodate your dog safely during the ride.

Beach Day Out: Sun, Sand, and Sea with Your Pooch

Dog's at the beach coming out of the sea
Image by Stefan from Pixabay

A warm Easter in Australia is perfect for a beach day with your dog. Many beaches offer dog-friendly areas where your pooch can play freely. Pack essentials like water, a doggy sunscreen for sensitive breeds, and don’t forget eco-friendly poop bags to keep the beach clean. It’s a simple yet fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors and create lasting memories with your dog.

At-Home Easter Fun With Your Dog

Dog-Friendly Scavenger Hunt: Sniffing Out Fun

Transform your home or garden into a treasure island with a dog-friendly scavenger hunt. Hide treats and watch your pup’s detective nose get to work. It’s a fur-bulous way to keep them entertained and engaged, sniffing out their hidden treasures.

Easter Meal Toppers: A Feast for Fido

Elevate your dog’s dinner with some Easter flair by adding nutritious meal toppers like bone broth or rabbit. It’s a simple yet tail-wagging way to spice up their meals and make the holiday feel extra special for your furry family member.

Personalised Easter Basket: Basket of Barks

Create a personalised Easter basket brimming with dog-safe treats and toys. It’s a paw-some way to show your dog just how much they mean to you, filling their day with joy and tasty surprises.

Creative and Social Easter Activities With Your Dog

Easter-Themed Photoshoot: Say Cheese, Fido!

Capture the magic of Easter with a themed photoshoot. Whether it’s bunny ears or a backdrop of pastel eggs, these photos are sure to be a hit. It’s a fun way to create lasting memories and maybe even score some likes on social media.

Homemade Easter Treats: Barkery Delights

Roll up your sleeves and treat your dog to some homemade Easter goodies. With plenty of dog-friendly recipes online, you can whip up everything from frozen treats to baked biscuits. It’s a fun kitchen adventure that ends with a wagging tail.

Picnic Outing: Picnics and Paws

Pack a picnic and venture to your local park for some quality time under the sun. A dog-friendly picnic is a perfect way to combine tasty snacks and outdoor fun. If your pup enjoys a bit of fashion, an Easter outfit might just make the day even more egg-stra special. Remember, comfort comes first, so keep those costumes cozy and breathable.

Easter Dog Safety Tips: Paws and Precautions

As we embark on our Easter adventures and activities, it’s crucial to keep our furry friends’ safety at the forefront. We all know dogs can’t indulge in human chocolate treats — as much as they might want to! Chocolate is a no-go for our canine companions due to its toxic ingredients. So, let’s ensure those Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies are kept well out of reach from curious snouts.

Beyond the chocolate rule, it’s important to ensure all treats and activities are dog-safe. Keep an eye out for any signs of stress or discomfort in your pets, as our goal is to have fun and make happy memories together. Remember, a safe pup is a happy pup, and that makes for a truly joyful Easter for everyone involved. Let’s hop into the holiday with safety and smiles all around!

Easter Activities To Do With Your Dog FAQ’s

What is the Easter game for dogs? 

An Easter game for dogs can range from a treat-filled scavenger hunt to a fun Easter egg hunt with dog-safe plastic eggs. It’s all about engaging your dog’s senses and having fun!

How to do an Easter egg hunt for dogs? 

Use large, dog-safe plastic eggs and fill them with treats. Hide them around your yard or home, ensuring they’re in safe, reachable spots. Let your dog use their nose to find them, making sure to supervise the hunt to keep it safe and enjoyable.

Conclusion: Celebrating Easter with Your Dog

This Easter, take the opportunity to step outside the chocolate box and explore new ways to celebrate with your dog. From beach adventures to cozy café stops and homemade treats, there’s no shortage of ways to make this Easter memorable for both of you. So, let’s make every moment count, one paw at a time.

Now that you’re armed with a basket full of ideas, which activity will you hop into first? We’d love to hear how you’re planning to celebrate Easter with your furry friend. Share your stories, photos, and tips with us on social media or leave

a comment below. Let’s make this Easter the most tail-wagging one yet!

Featured image by Caity from Pixabay

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