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Should You Wash Your Hands After Picking Up Dog Poop? Unleashing the Facts!

by | 21 August 2023

Should You Wash Your Hands After Picking Up Dog Poop? Unleashing the Facts!

Dog lovers, we’ve all been there: the routine stroll with Fido, the doggy yoga to scoop up their business, and that quick hand sanitiser application (if even that). But is that little squirt of sanitiser enough? Or should we be more “paws-on” with our post-poop hand hygiene? Let’s “dig” in!

Picking up after our furry friends has become second nature for most dog owners. But are we taking the necessary precautions post-scoop? After all, as much as we adore our dogs, we can’t deny that they can be little “germ factories” at times.

It’s not just about what’s visible. Even if you’re a pro at the poop pick-up, avoiding any direct contact, the invisible world of bacteria is vast and sneaky. Do you really want to “bark up the wrong tree” when it comes to potential health hazards?

We’re about to get into the nitty-gritty of why washing your hands after dealing with your pup’s poop is more than just a good idea. Prepare for some facts that might just “bow-wow” you!

5 Reasons You Should Wash Your Hands After Picking Up Dog Poop?

1. The World of Dog Poop: More Than Meets the Eye

Yes, dog poop is unsightly and smelly. But beyond that, it can be a hotbed of parasites like giardia, worms, and bacteria such as E. coli. While using a poop bag is a barrier, remember it’s not an impenetrable shield. 

Yes, this is why we made our poop bags 3x thicker than average poop bags, so you don’t get that poop feel on your hands. But accidental contact happens – we all know the feeling of picking up a sloppy poo. And even if they don’t, the surrounding environment can be contaminated.

2. Relying Solely on Hand Sanitizers: A “Ruff” Idea

Hand sanitisers are a quick fix, but they don’t always eliminate all types of germs. And let’s face it, sometimes, after the poop pick-up; you might grab a treat for your pup or touch your face – further opportunities for germ transfer. So, why “paws” on the sanitation? Go the extra mile with thorough handwashing.

3. The Proper Way to Wash Hands Post-Poop

Let’s not just wash, but wash right. Ensure you scrub with soap for at least 20 seconds, focusing on all areas of the hand. Rinse with clean water and dry. Think of it as giving germs the “brush-off” they deserve!

4. Outsourcing the Poop Problem: Professional Services

If the very thought of potential poop perils makes your skin crawl, there’s always the option of hiring professional services. These pros don’t just pick up; they disinfect your lawn, ensuring it’s a safe play zone for humans and pets. It might just be worth “fetching” their number!

5. Beyond Dogs: Other Animal Feces Precautions

While we’re on the topic, let’s not forget about our other pets & other uses of dog poop bags. Whether you’re scooping cat litter, cleaning a birdcage, or managing bunny business, the same hygiene rules apply. It’s always better to be “fur-midable” against germs than sorry!


Handling dog poop might seem like a small, routine task. But as we’ve seen, the repercussions of neglecting hand hygiene can be substantial. After all, a simple act can prevent many potential health issues.

Washing your hands post-poop pick-up is more than a precaution; it’s a lifestyle choice. And it’s one that doesn’t just benefit you but your entire household. So, let’s not “terrier-self” up with regret later. Embrace the clean hand club today!

Are there any other pet-related hygiene tips you swear by? Maybe some funny poop pick-up stories to share? Join the conversation, and let’s keep our pet community informed and entertained!

Share your thoughts and tips on hand hygiene post-poop pick-up. Remember, when it comes to cleanliness, every little “pup-tip” helps!

Featured image by Alexa from Pixabay

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