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The Environmental Impact of Handled Dog Poop Bags: Handle With Care

by | 4 August 2023

Hello to all our dog-owning heroes and eco-warriors! As always, we’re ‘fetching’ answers to your ‘howl’ of a question: Why aren’t handled dog poop bags as good for the environment? So, put your best ‘paw’ forward, and let’s ‘dig’ into the answer!

‘Unleashing’ the Problem with Handled Dog Poop Bags

You’ve seen them at the pet store, those handy-dandy dog poop bags with handles. They seem like the ‘pawfect’ solution. Easy to tie, easy to carry – what’s not to love? Well, dear readers, there’s more to these ‘handy’ bags than meets the eye.

Handled Dog Poop Bag
Handled Dog Poop Bag

Creating handled bags requires producing a larger bag and then cutting out the handles, which leads to waste, even if the bag is biodegradable or compostable. And while our dog pals might love to ‘fetch’ that extra bit of material, it’s not quite as fun for Mother Nature. More material means more energy used up front, and in the pursuit of sustainability, we believe in reducing energy use wherever we can. 

‘Pawsing’ for the Cause: The Manufacturing Process

It’s easy to ‘bark’ up the wrong tree when it comes to understanding the manufacturing process of dog poop bags. Let’s take a moment to ‘paws’ and consider the process. Manufacturing handled poop bags involves an additional step of cutting out the handles, which effectively means wasted material. Even if the waste is compostable, the energy used to create them could have been saved.

Moreover, many handled bags also feature gussets – those handy expansions that help you scoop the ‘scoop.’ These gussets further increase the amount of material needed, effectively counteracting our sustainability objectives. Remember, even the smallest additions can lead to a ‘mountain’ of a problem.

A ‘Pup-ular’ Demand: Offering Handled Dog Poop Bags

Despite these eco-implications, we at Oh Crap understand that some dog owners prefer handles for convenience. Like a good pup responding to a command, we listen to our customers and want to ‘fetch’ what you need. So yes, we do offer handled dog poop bags.

But rest assured, we do so with the environment in mind, ensuring they’re made of compostable material. While producing these bags requires more energy and material, we aim to balance our customer needs with our respect and dedication to the planet. 

More Than Just A Handled Dog Poop Bag

When creating a handled dog poop bag, we wanted to go above and beyond in the research to get the perfect poop bag. That’s why we specifically designed ours to fit guide dog toileting harnesses, and it’s the only handled dog poop bag that does this in Australia.

Opting for the ‘Paw-sitive’: The Rectangle Bag Alternative 

Now that we’ve ‘unleashed’ the facts about handled bags let’s ‘paws’ to consider our rectangle bags. If you’re open to ‘switching the leash,’ our rectangle bags might be the eco-friendly solution you’re looking for.

Rectangle Dog Poop Bag With No Handles
Rectangle Dog Poop Bag

Just like a good dog knows its commands, we understand the importance of being eco-friendly. Our rectangle bags, without handles and gussets, use less material and energy during the manufacturing process. They still offer all the ‘poo-scoop’ power you need while keeping the environmental impact to a minimum. It’s all about keeping our planet as clean as our dog parks.

We sometimes get asked what the best way to tie the rectangle bags so the smell doesn’t escape, so here is a quick demonstration of how to do that:

Conclusion: A ‘Barking’ Conclusion: Handled Bags vs. the Environment

As we reach the ‘tail’ end of our post, it’s clear that while handled dog poop bags are convenient, they have a more significant environmental paw-print. Every step we take towards sustainability is a ‘leap’ in the right direction. If you can, we encourage you to opt for our rectangle bags. If not, rest assured that our handled poop bags are as eco-friendly as we can make them.

Remember, when it comes to preserving our planet, every little bit helps, just like every small dog has its bark! Let’s keep wagging on towards a greener future together. After all, it’s not just about picking up the poop; it’s about ‘paw-sitive’ change, one poop bag at a time. Now, isn’t that something to ‘bark’ about?

Featured image by Fran • @thisisfranpatel from Pixabay

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