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What’s the Most Eco-Friendly Way to Pick Up Dog Poop? Paw-some Solutions Revealed!

by | 18 June 2023

Hello, fellow pooch parents! Ever wondered, “What’s the most eco-friendly way to pick up dog poop?” Well, pull up a chair (or dog bed), and let’s dig into this not-so-glamorous yet important topic. Unleash your inner eco-warrior and sniff out the best practices for your pooch’s poop!

What’s the Most Eco-Friendly Way to Pick Up Dog Poop?

Backyard Business: Straight to the Compost

Let’s start with the backyard, your dog’s personal playground and, well, bathroom. If you’re scooping poop here, there’s a pawsitively green solution at your fingertips – the dog poo compost. This eco-friendly poop haven allows nature to do what it does best: recycle and rejuvenate.

By composting, you’re helping to turn your dog’s droppings into nutrient-rich soil, which is excellent for non-edible plants. Plus, it means less waste heading to landfill. Now that’s something to wag your tail about!

Walkies: The Compostable Bag Wins the Day

But what about when you and your furry friend are out exploring the world? When your dog decides to ‘make a deposit’ in the park, you need a solution that’s as portable as it is eco-friendly. Enter the compostable dog poop bag!

Compostable poop bags, are the pick of the litter when it comes to eco-friendly doggy doo solutions. Made from cornstarch and certified compostable by the Aussie government, these bags break down into organic matter within a breezy 180 days. So, no lingering plastics or mummified poop – just a clean, green process that’s great for Mother Earth.

Remember, not all poop bags are created equal. Bags just marketed as ‘biodegradable’ contain plastic and take hundreds of years to degrade, only breaking down into microplastics. So, always look for the ‘compostable’ logos and certification to ensure you’re making the eco-friendly choice.

Here in Australia you want to look out for the AS 5810 certification for Home Composting and AS 4736 for industrial composting.

Australian Composting Logo's
Australian Composting Logo’s


As dog owners, we have the paw-er to make a difference in our environment, one poop scoop at a time. Whether it’s composting in the backyard or using compostable bags on walks, every little bit helps. With these eco-friendly poop solutions, you’re not just cleaning up after your pet – you’re contributing to a healthier, happier planet. So, let’s keep our parks clean, our gardens green, and our dog’s tails wagging!
Article Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

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