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Oh Crap reaches yet another milestone – 5 million bags saved from landfill by eco-conscious company

by | 18 September 2019

Oh Crap reaches yet another milestone – 5 million bags saved from landfill by eco-conscious company
Oh Crap – changing the world one poop at a time

Geelong, Victoria: Another goal has been reached by the sustainable dog poop-bag company aiming to change the face of waste. First, Oh Crap saved 3 million bags from landfill. Then, they reached 10,000 customers. Now, after a successful partnership with RSPCA Victoria, they have gone on to save a HUGE 5 million bags from landfill since the formation of the company.

What does this mean? Well, Oh Crap clearly is changing the face of waste. Oh Crap’s dog poop bags, made from cornstarch, are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. There are 1.2 tonnes (1200kg’s) of waste produced every day by more than four million Australian dogs. Up to 4% of landfill is dog poop, in the ground in plastic bags that will take thousands of years to break down. In comparison, Oh Crap’s corn starch bags are gone in three months. So Oh Crap and the #OhCrapFamily of dog users have saved the earth from 5 million plastic bags which would take thousands of years to break down, creating a lasting impact for future generations.

Here’s what Bruce, the founder of Oh Crap, had to say about their new milestone :

“When we gained our first customer, we were ecstatic to know that we were making a difference, however small. To see that together, with our customers, we have saved 5 million bags from landfill is really incredible. I am so proud of not only the Oh Crap team, but also the Oh Crap Family for deciding to make a change to the way we dispose of dog waste. Individually it is one small step, but together we make one huge impact”.

The customers certainly love Oh Crap – all you have to do is look at the Oh Crap social media streams to see how much the people (and four-legged friends) using Oh Crap bags love their non-plastic poop bags!

The Scoop on the Poop Bags

  • The bags compost in 3 months, 100%, completely disintegrated!
  • The plastic alternative technology is cornstarch!
  • Oh Crap Dog Poop Bags last for 18 months plus when stored in cool dry conditions.
  • Oh Crap Compostable Dog Poop Bags start from $12.99 AUD

Five million bags and twenty-eight thousand dogs – what milestone will Oh Crap reach next?

About Oh Crap

Oh Crap, founded in 2014, is on a mission to eradicate the 4% of landfill that is dog poop wrapped in plastic bags that will never break down. Oh Crap is “changing the world one poop at a time”, selling single-use compostable dog poop bags that break down & compost in 3 months to the public, retail and local councils so dog owners across Australia can make sustainable, earth-friendly choices for their dogs & our community as a whole. 

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