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A Paws-itive Guide to Storing Your Oh Crap Compostable Dog Poop Bags

by | 21 June 2023

Taking the leap and fetching yourself some Oh Crap Compostable Dog Poop Bags? Pawsome! You’re making a bark-tastic stride towards a more sustainable planet. But to keep your eco-journey on track and your bags in top shape, you need to bone up on how to store them properly. Don’t worry, though, it’s no harder than teaching an old dog new tricks!

How To Store Compostable Dog Poop Bags

Cool, Dry, and Doggone Ready for Action!

Compostable dog poop bags might seem like they have a ruff life, destined to break down into earth-friendly compost. But they’re not in a hurry to go back to nature. When stored in cool, dry conditions, these bags will be at your service for at least a year.

To keep them in peak poop-scooping condition, avoid storing them in doghouses (or human houses) that are too warm or humid. Just like your dog avoids a hot sidewalk, these bags need to stay away from heat and moisture to stay in fetching form. Your kitchen pantry or a cupboard is an ideal storage spot.

Rainy Walks? No Prob-llama (or Dog)!

Walking your dog in the rain can be a howl of a time, but what if your roll of Oh Crap bags gets wet? No need to hound yourself over it. If your bags get a little damp, they’re still good to go for around 45 days.

While you might notice a change in texture as they begin their journey back to nature, they’ll still be ready to tackle any “doodies” your dog dishes out. Just try to use up the damp bags within this timeframe to ensure they can still pick up what your dog is putting down.


Choosing compostable dog poop bags isn’t just an eco-friendly choice; it’s a tail-wagging commitment to living in harmony with Mother Nature. Proper storage keeps your bags ready to roll (literally and figuratively), ensuring they can serve their noble poop-scooping purpose before returning to the earth as organic material.

In this journey towards a greener world, knowing how to care for and store your Oh Crap Dog Poop Bags is just another step in the right direction. It’s a simple reminder that every decision, no matter how small, can help make the world a better place for all creatures, two-legged and four-pawed alike!

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