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How Should You Store Your Compostable Dog Poop Bags? Unwrapping the Secrets

by | 25 July 2023

Hello there, pet parents and earth lovers! Have you ever found yourself contemplating how to store your compostable dog poop bags? It’s time to discover the art of keeping your bags in tip-top shape until nature calls!

The Green Advantage: Compostable Bags

A hearty high five for choosing compostable dog poop bags! These bags are nature’s superheroes, designed to decompose rapidly under composting conditions. But, just like an overeager puppy on walkies, they sometimes try to sprint before we’ve left the front gate. Let’s make sure they’re ‘paws-itively’ perfect for action by storing them the right way!

Cracking the Code: Storage Tips for Compostable Bags

Despite their zealous nature to break down, compostable bags can play the long game as well as any hibernating pup when stored in cool, dry conditions. Consider it like selecting the perfect dog bed; a snug spot in a drawer, cupboard, or pantry away from sunlight will keep these bags at their best without any premature disintegration.

A Wet Day Scenario: The 45-Day Rule

We all know that our four-legged buddies love a good frolic in the rain, but our compostable bags? Not so much. If your roll of bags gets damp on a walk, we suggest you try to use them within about 30-45 days if possible. 

They can certainly last a lot longer if exposed to just water. For instance, we filled a bag with water and hung it up at our home in Geelong, Australia, and it lasted for over 60 days until we took them down (the neighbours were asking why we had poop bags hanging in the backyard). They were still just fine and usable after this time. However, that was in the low humidity condition of a Victorian spring which is not the humid, warm conditions needed for composting to take place. Your mileage may vary around the country in all the different conditions we have; hence we advise using the bags within 45 days where possible.

Avoid Heat and Humidity

Just like leaving your furry friend in a hot car is a non-starter, the same rule applies to your compostable bags. Make sure they aren’t stored near heat sources, air conditioners, or windows. Changes in temperature or humidity could trigger premature bag breakdown – a situation we’d rather ‘paws’ on! 

Just like when you see a banana skin on the ground in winter, it’s likely to be there for a week or two before it breaks down and naturally disappears. But that same banana skin in summer breaks down in just a few days. Compostable dog poop bags are made from organic material like a banana, so heat will break them down over time. They will last longer than the banana skin but don’t expect them to last forever if they are left in the car all summer during those humid 40-degree days. 

How Long Will Compostable Dog Poop Bags Last?

Oh Crap dog poop bags will be good for 12 months from purchase. As mentioned above, heat and humidity are the essential ingredients to composting anything, and this is no different for compostable dog poop bags. So if you can keep them away from these conditions, they can last a lot longer.

Out with the Old, in with the New

To make sure all your bags get their moment of glory, use a first-in, first-out approach. Use your oldest bags first to ensure none of them miss out on their essential duty. It’s a bit like your dog choosing its favourite old toy over the new one!


Knowing how to store your compostable dog poop bags might seem like a minor detail, but remember every little bit counts when it comes to sustainability. By keeping your Oh Crap bags in prime condition, you’re not only taking care of your pet’s mess, but you’re also contributing significantly to our environment. So, give yourself a pat on the back! You’re not just picking up after your pet; you’re making a positive impact on our planet, one poop bag at a time. That certainly deserves a ’round of a-paws’!

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