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How Long Do Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags Last?

by | 2 August 2023

Hello, doggy devotees! Today we’re ‘digging’ into a question that might be ‘nipping’ at your curiosity: How long do biodegradable dog poop bags last? We’re not just ‘barking’ about decomposition here, but the actual lifespan of the bag before you need to use it. So, sit and stay, folks, as we sniff out some answers!

‘Unleashing’ The Truth About Biodegradable Bags

Just as the old saying goes: not all that glitters is gold. Similarly, not all poop bags labelled “biodegradable” are necessarily eco-friendly. As we’ve ‘sniffed’ out in our previous posts, a poop bag marketed as “biodegradable” might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing – or, more accurately, plastic in a green disguise. ‘Biodegradable’ describes the process by which something breaks down, not the material it’s made from or how eco-friendly it is

When it comes to how long biodegradable dog poop bags last, the answer is as long as a Dachshund’s body: As bags that are just adverted as biodegradable are just plastic, they can last for years before they finally break down. Yes, you read that right: years!

‘Paw’sitive News: Compostable Bags ‘Compost’

But don’t let that give you a ‘ruff’ day! Here at Oh Crap, our poop bags are made from compostable materials. Unlike those plastic impostors, our bags aren’t playing a game of ‘fetch’ with your green conscience.

Wondering how long compostable bags will last? We’ve got some good news! You can store compostable poop bags in cool, dry conditions for 12 months from purchase. Think of them as the St. Bernard of poop bags – reliable and ready for action when needed. Then they break down when exposed to composting conditions with the deposit inside. They will break down in less than 180 days, meaning the cycle of life can continue. 

You will know when something is compostable as it will include the Aussie composting logos for home and industrial composting

Australian Composting Logo's
Australian Composting Logo’s

It’s important to note that something which is compostable can be described as biodegradable (as that is the process that it breaks down by), but something that is just biodegradable is not compostable.  

From a Drizzle to a Downpour: Wet Weather Wonders

What if you’re caught in a sudden downpour during your daily dog walk, or your bags get damp? Do you have to say ‘fur-well’ to your bags? Not at all! If your compostable poop bags get a bit wet, they still have a solid 45 days or more of usability. These bags are as sturdy as a Bulldog, even in the face of a bit of water. 

The composting process only kicks into high gear when the bags are exposed to proper composting conditions. So, unless your bags find themselves in a compost heap or similar environment, you’ve got plenty of time to use them.

As biodegradable dog poop bags are just plastic, expositing them to water should mean they are fine for years.

Conclusion: A ‘Pawsitively’ Clear Answer to a ‘Ruff’ Question

So, how long do biodegradable dog poop bags last? If they’re from Oh Crap, they’re good to go for up to 12 months in cool, dry storage or around 45 days if they get a bit wet. With compostable bags like ours, you can be sure you’re doing your bit to ‘paws’ the plastic problem while keeping the parks poop-free.

We hope this clears up any lingering questions on the lifespan of various types of bags out there. Remember, with each bag you use, you’re doing a ‘pawsome’ job of protecting our planet! Now, that’s something to wag about.

Featured Image by Jo Wiggijo from Pixabay

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