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7 Easy Ways To Be A More Eco-Friendly Dog Owners

by | 3 May 2017

In this article, I’m going to go through some ideas to help reduce your carbon “paw print.”

1. Donate Your Pet Toys To A Shelter

Got some items laying around that your pet no longer uses or has grown out of?

Don’t throw them out – donate them!

2. Everyone Talks About The Going In (food), What About The Other End?

People spend more money on being green, food choices, energy choices, health, exercise and so on – but we destroy our planet with plastic bags with dog poop because “it’s only 1 bag and they’re cheap or free at the local park”. Now multiply that response by 3.4 MILLION times every DAY because that’s how many dog bums there are in Australia.

40 Bag supply of Oh Crap Dog Poop Bags

Spend a FRACTION more and invest in Polyvinyl Alcohol bags (the same material that your dishwasher tablets are wrapped in) from Oh Crap and know that your “donation” to Mother Earth will be completely gone in 6 months – not 100 years.

3. Check the Labels

Take a moment to check for 2 things.

  • Is the packaging recycled, recyclable or made of biodegradable materials?
  • Are the contents earth friendly?
  • Still stuck with plastic? Please recycle.

4. Containers Count

Store your pet food and treats in a washable, reusable container instead of a plastic bag.

5. Do You Drive…. To Walk?

WALK to the dog park! Find walking trails and parks that are walking distance from home. Do you really need to drive somewhere to then walk? What about neighborhood pet gatherings or play dates?

6. Fatty Boom Bah Pets

Is your pet a little too short for their weight? Do you want more vet bills?

Overweight pets have more health problems, they obviously eat more and poop more!

Talk to your vet about a plan to get them down to a healthy weight.

7. The Challenge With Beef Products.

It’s often reported that the production of beef for protein uses more resources than for the production of chicken or rabbit.

Time for a choice change?

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